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New Paths Nutrition

Dietitians Specializing in Eating Disorder Care



We are so glad you are here.

If you are searching for a more peaceful relationship with food, you've come to the right place. We are dietitians who support people as they break free from rules and restrictions to rediscover a trusting connection with food and body.


We specialize in recovery from eating disorders, disordered eating, and chronic dieting. We are firmly non-diet, weight-inclusive practitioners and are here to provide support as you redefine what healthy means to you.

Heal your relationship with food

Nutrition Counseling

Together we will set realistic goals and focus on positive changes that improve your wellbeing. You will be in the driver's seat as you connect with your inner wisdom about eating and learn skills to increase your confidence around food. We'll incorporate changes that work for your life and challenge the way you think about food and your body.

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