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Our Values

Our practice strives to be a warm and welcoming space for all. We are an affirming practice that enthusiastically serves clients of all sizes, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and religions. Our work is rooted in the non-diet approach to nutrition. We believe that health is about so much more than the food you eat and is largely impacted by each person's experience with access, resources, and oppression. We reject the notion that health is achieved with weight loss or a specific style of eating, and we see the harm that comes from these assumptions. We support each person we work with as they find what works best for their body. We honor and listen to the context of each person's life experiences, health concerns, and specific relationship with food.

Pleated Fabric


Our mission is to provide compassionate nutrition care to people healing their relationship with food. We are proud to be just one piece of the larger movement to reject diet culture and embrace body diversity.

Nutrition Philosophy

In our practice there are some important overarching themes to the way we approach nutrition care.

We believe:

  • When it comes to nutrition, the most important thing is eating enough (you will hear us say this so many times in our work together!)

  • There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition

  • There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to eating disorder recovery

  • All foods have value

  • Eating behaviors are not good or bad. Instead of labeling them, we get curious to see what we can learn about the experiences you are having around food and your body

  • Your body holds wisdom about when, what, and how much to eat

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